For 30 years Aiden Douglass has made San Francisco and the Bay Area her home. Multi-talented and multifaceted, Aiden has a vast array of life experiences that have crafted her into a nurturing eclectic world server. From being in the ‘90’s punk rock band and opening for Joan Jet to turning her intuitive gifts into passion driven service. Aiden brings her blend of practical spirituality with tender compassionate care to every person she serves. Aiden shares her love of people and the planet with her members and clients, as well as her enthusiastic support for the Indie art & music scene in the Bay Area through her website and newsletters.

Certified in:

Meditation Step 1, 2 and 3, Clairvoyant Training Program (Psychic Horizons 2003) Reverend at The Church of Natural Grace.

Spiritual Life Program (Clairvoyant Training Program 2) 2005

Certified Massage Therapist (National Holistic Institute, Eastern & Western Massage Modalities 2006).

Trigger Point Therapy 2008

Coaching Cognition Coaching Program 2016

Align Network International Leadership Training 2018


Aiden Douglass, Founder

Aiden Douglass, Instructor