Energy Work:

Aiden Douglass is The Energy Mechanic because of her unique and unparalleled ability to scan your energy system for blocks, negative programs and beliefs standing in your way and then quickly tunes up your system.

 As with all maintenance there are things you can do to keep your energy and body’s systems in good working order to avoid trips to the mechanic. That’s why Aiden offers amazing workshops & tools to help you stay grounded, in flow state and ride the waves of energy as the planet ascends into the new paradigm.

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Massage Therapy:

Massage is a highly beneficial way to keeping your body stress free, aligned and tuned up. Whether you need to repair after injuries, stress at work or simply want to maintain the best self care regime, massage offers you a safe, holistic modality to be your best self.

For over 12 years, Aiden has served the Bay Area with massage techniques which include Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point as well as Aiden’s signature energy techniques. Aiden is able to quickly assess your energetic and physical body to move into deep, transformational healing. Aiden offers single sessions and wellness packages. You can book your appointments below.


Upcoming Workshops


My hands and a lizard in Sedona. Photo by Laurie Rivers